Digital Art in the Real World

“Ars Longa, Vita Brevis” is a platform dedicated to allow artists to break through geographical barriers and allow them to display their art digitally in local venues on a global scale.   Social Media & Streaming Wars have turned content into disposable media in a battle for your attention Platforms by design are fitted with tools to keep us coming back daily Instagram recommends posting 10-20 stories per day that vanish in 24 hours. Netflix users watched 6 Billion hours of content per month in 2020 More content (user generated or produced) = More corporate profit Traditional, physical artwork and media are not free to be shared and costly to maintain

About Alvib

“ARs Longa, Vita Brevis” or Alvib, for short, is an iphone app and platform that enables artists and local businesses to link together and create digital art galleries.


Schools and Universities can have art shows, renting pieces of art from all around the world and displaying them in a digital gallery.


Governments can have national monuments digitalized, have digital museums that can change content without requiring transportation or materials.


Companies can hold private events to enculturate their employees, or even encourage employees to display their works of art in the office hall.


Military organizations around the world can use blockchain tech’s secure encryption to leave encrypted messages at key locations as well as do virtual training.

Meet our Team

Mack Baise

Lead Design Specialist product manager

Leo Guinan

Development and sales

Kristi Hightower

Marketing Director and Customer Relations

Tom Zerega

Business development and Sales

Elena Schefer

Lead Development Engineer

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